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Members' Business — S6M-02635 Fulton MacGregor: Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

Wednesday 12 January 2022 5:22 PM


That the Parliament recognises the work of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS); understands that the SNBTS, which had its beginnings in the 1930s, is the specialist provider of safe high quality blood, tissues and cells products and services in Scotland; notes that its cornerstone policy is to ensure that NHS Scotland has enough blood to meet the transfusion needs of patients in Scotland; praises the SNBTS for what it considers diligent work during the COVID-19 pandemic in continuing to provide a lifesaving service, despite the hardships brought on by the pandemic; notes with concern reports that Scotland has fewer registered blood donors than at any other point this century, with the number of people donating blood supplies having dropped by 13,000 over the past year; believes that estimates suggest SNBTS would need to welcome 3,300 donors per week to ensure that blood supplies remain at safe levels; supports the SNBTS Amazing Stories campaign, which highlighted personal stories of those who have received lifesaving blood donations, and notes, therefore, the calls encouraging people across the country, including in Coatbridge and Chryston, to sign up to become blood donors if they are able.

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